When filling out medical forms, how often have you guessed about medications, surgery dates, vaccinations or insurance information? Now you don’t have to. My Medical Info lets you easily organize all your health information in one place, where you can view it, update it and share it with your doctors. Now you’ll have all your basic medical information whenever you need it, and give your doctors the accurate information they need to provide the very best care. Enjoy the peace of mind that knowledge brings ... with My Medical Info.

With My Medical Info, you can quickly and easily:

Generate medical profiles for your whole family.
Organize all of your family's doctors and their contact information, including family physicians, specialists, dentists, pediatricians and other healthcare professionals.
Compile your medication and dosage information.
Summarize your health history, including conditions, allergies and past hospitalizations.
Set reminders for doctor appointments and for taking and refilling medications.
Share your Medical I.D. Form — a printed, faxed or emailed version of the data you have entered — with health care professionals.
Complete doctors’ forms correctly without having to guess.